With goats comes milk, with milk comes cheese! In the summer of 2020 we began to produce cheese from our surplus milk. Currently, we have two types of cheese available – Chèvre and Ricotta.

Chèvre is French for goat. The flavor and aroma of goat cheese rely upon its moisture, density, aging and flavoring. Fresh chèvre is soft, creamy, and spreadable, with a mild, buttery flavor and white in color. The longer it ages, the drier and more crumbly it becomes, developing stronger, tangier flavors and aromas, and the color deepens to a golden yellow. The flavor is often described as tart and earthy. Chèvres are excellent in both savory or sweet applications, often served as snacks with before dinner drinks.


  • Naked: Pure unadulterated tangy goodness – let your imagination run wild with all the possibilities of this cheese.
  • Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil: A sample of the best in Italian flavors. This cheese is combined with the distinctively tart flavor and chewy texture of sun-dried tomatoes and the fragrant, mildly pungent flavor of basil.
  • Raspberry Jam: Luscious and subtly sweet raspberries are prepare into a jam and then mixed with goat cheese. Excellent on your morning bagel or on a cracker for an afternoon sweet treat.
  • Pralines: A little taste of this decadent Southern classic candy which combines pecans, brown sugar and vanilla along with the earthy taste of the goat cheese would be a delightful spread on any type of bread or cracker.
  • Lemon and Herbe de Provance: Classic French paring of lemon and the aromatic mixture of dried Provencal herbs gives this cheese a tangy Mediterranean flare to any type of bread or cracker.
  • Honey and Walnut: The sweet golden nectar of honey blended with the multidimensional flavor of walnuts is fantastic on your morning bagel or on a cracker for an afternoon sweet treat.
  • Dill and Green Onion: Garden fresh dill pared with green onions is a refreshing taste of spring. Serve this on crackers or artisan breads, also goes very well on baked or grilled fish.
  • Cowboy Candy: Jalapenos, pineapple, and spices give this sweet and savory concoction combined with tart goat cheese is an absolute must on tortilla chips or sprinkle this on salads for a tangy surprise.

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