Chicken Jerky 3oz


  • USA SOURCED CHICKEN – Prepared and cooked using chicken raised and sourced right here in the USA
  • ALL NATURAL – Made with care and integrity; our tenders contain zero artificial flavors, colors, or filler ingredients like corn, wheat, or soy
  • GRAIN AND GLUTEN FREE – Our all-natural chicken jerky tenders are gluten-free, grain-free and safe for your furry friend
  • WHOLE MUSCLE MEAT – Say goodbye to treats made from chicken leftovers! Treat your pup to 100% USDA inspected white meat chicken breast baked and dried to perfection
  • PROTEIN RICH – Our tenders are high in protein and low in fat to ensure a tasty and nutritious treat your dog is sure to love
  • Delivers 76% of protein to your pup – Made from the most high protein low fat part of chicken, the chicken breast.
  • All Natural Ingredients – Only made with real USA chicken breast meat. Grain-Free with No artificial colors, No Preservatives, No flavors. The same high quality meat you would eat.
  • Limited ingredients with pure goodness – We believe our pets and yours deserve only the very best. That’s why our USA dog treats only use one ingredient, 100% American farm raised real chicken.
  • Chewy and Irresistible – The high protein on-the-go training reward you have been looking for, constantly provide essential amino acids to keep your pup’s energy up.
  • Consumable by all size dogs – Whether you have a large dog or a small dog, all of them are able to enjoy our tasty jerky treats. Very easy to break into small pieces for your tiny dog or remain as full for larger dog who loves all that chewy and crunchiness. Store these treats in our resealable bag. Since it is an all natural treat, if not finished within a week, can be refrigerated to maximum freshness.


3 oz.
Ingredients: Chicken Breast
Moisture: 12.69%
Protein (crude): 79.72%
Fat (crude): 7.00%
Fiber (crude): 0.23%


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