Prairie Kid’s Soapery Clean Power Soap Bar 3.5-4.5oz


We all want to be clean, right? Well sometimes we need more than just clean. We need cleansed! Believe it or not, one of the best skin cleansers around is… Activated Charcoal!
Activated charcoal is all power when it comes to cleansing and clarifying the skin and Tea Tree Oil is long known for it’s skin health benefits. With nearly an ounce of pure, fresh goat milk in every bar, this soap is made to cleanse and nourish the skin. Now that is some Clean Power!

Note: Because we are committed to making our soap in small batches using only natural, body friendly and chemically safe ingredients, the color and scent of a specific variety may vary from batch to batch.


Note: Each of our bars are hand cut with love and will vary slightly in size.

Ingredients: Saponified natural oils (Organic coconut oil, olive oil), Raw goat milk, Activated charcoal (coconut), and Essential oil (Tea Tree).


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