Prairie Kid’s Soapery Dirty Ol’ Goat Soap 3.5-4.5oz


Here’s a soap for all the dirty ol’ goats in your life.
No, really! With ground coffee beans added for exfoliation, plus the cleansing power of activated charcoal, this soap is a powerhouse cleaner that we love for helping even our dirtiest members come fresh and clean in no time. With nearly an ounce of pure goat milk in each bar, this unscented soap is soothing as well as cleansing.
Go ahead, give it a try! We know you’ll love this Dirty Ol’ Goat as much as we do.


Note: Each of our bars are hand cut with love and will vary slightly in size.

Ingredients: Saponified natural oils (Organic coconut oil, olive oil), Raw goat milk, activated charcoal (coconut), carob powder, and ground coffee beans.


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