General Info

December 2020

We are running five (5) consecutive outdoor Saturday markets, 11am-3-pm on 11-21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 12/19. Set up will begin at 9. You may participate in all or specific dates. There’s a $25 registration fee plus a $20 minimum day of or 10% of sales, whichever is higher. All dates except 12/5 will be at University Hills Plaza; 12/5 will be at The Co-op at 1st

  • University Hills Plaza, 2500 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver 80222 (NE corner of Colo Blvd and Yale Ave).
  • The Co-op at 1st, 5045 W. 1st Ave., Denver 80219 (just east of Sheridan Blvd on north side of 1st Ave).


$25 registration fee

PLUS a $20 minimum day of or 10% of sales (whichever is higher)


  • Saturday 11/21 11am-3pm

  • Saturday 11/28 11am-3pm

  • Saturday 12/5 11am-3pm

  • Saturday 12/12 11am-3pm

  • Saturday 12/19 11am-3pm

Set up will begin at 9am.


  1. Safety protocols will be in place; vendors and customers are required to wear a face covering.
  2. Registration is on a first come/first serve basis; we only have room for 22-25 vendors at the co-op.
  3. December 5th is rain or shine; plan for outdoor but if inclement weather, we will move inside with tables only.
  4. The current forecast for November dates is 50+ degrees and sunny.
  5. Promoted through community engagement, digital campaign (signage, flyer, LED sign, etc.) and more.
  6. We ask vendors also actively promote this through all available means.


This will be promoted through farmers market, vendors, community engagement, digital campaign (signage, flyer, LED sign, etc.) and other TBD. We ask that you also actively promote this through all available means.

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  • Contact Info

  • Business Info

  • Duration/Dates

  • $0.00
  • Terms and Conditions

  • Insurance
    We recommend but do not require you have liability insurance. Feel free to contact Campbell Risk Management at 800- 730-7475 and Tina Branham, ext 206, [email protected] or Larry Spilker, ext 203, [email protected] and let them know we referred you. Campbell Risk works w/farmers markets and vendors throughout CO.
  • Licenses
    All which pertain to your business must be with you at all times.
  • Public Health Regulations
    We are operating under COVID-19 guidance. A face covering is required unless specified otherwise by your doctor. You must comply with all regulations pertaining to your product.
  • Taxes
    You are responsible for collection and payment of local, county, state and federal taxes.
  • Trash
    You’re responsible for removing all trash related to your business.
  • Parking
    You are required to park your vehicle/trailer in the designated vendor parking area. Failure to do so may result in expulsion and/or non-acceptance to our other events
  • Conduct
    You are expected to behave courteously and professionally. Profanity, vulgarity and rudeness will not be tolerated and is grounds for expulsion. Soliciting for and/or promoting other events/services unrelated to Boulter’s Farmers Markets is prohibited. Should you encounter a problem with another vendor or customer, notify us immediately.
  • Smoking
    Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Release

  • I hereby release and forever discharge Boulter’s 5280 Urban Market, its representatives and partners (such as hosting venue) from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of, or in conjunction with, my participation of their events.Further, Boulter’s 5280 Urban Market, their representatives and partners (such as hosting venue) shall be held harmless from and against any and all liabilities, suits, claims, damages, injuries and actions, theft, costs and expenses of any kind or nature of anyone whatsoever relating to premises due to or arising out of any act, negligence or neglect of the vendor or any of their guests. Vendors assume all liability for their booth and any products and/or services they sell. Vendors are responsible for instructing any and all representatives related to them and their business as to these terms and conditions. This release applies equally and entirely to the city of Denver.
  • Payment

  • $0.00
    Payment via check or credit/debit card (subject to a 4% fee). If by card, we will contact you for your information. If by check, make payable to Boulter’s Farmers Markets and mail to 21985 E. Costilla Dr., Aurora 80016. Check must be received within 7 calendar days of completing registration form.